Coaching with Amber

I help mommas, just like you, build a business and life that is filled with an abundance of joy and love by teaching you how to drop the guilt, believe in yourself, align your actions , and focus on what matters most in your life.

What is the purpose of coaching?

My coaching program is designed to help you find yourself, understand what you want deep down and then create action plans to get you to that goal. 

This is not therapy. I do recommend therapy to everyone. Having done it myself it really can be so insanely beneficial. Therapy looks at the past and helps you work through old things. 

While we do a small bit of that it’s based on helping you not repeat patterns. That’s what my coaching program is designed to do. Help you create NEW patterns and by design a new life. 

The Impact of Coaching

I find that often times people come to me for one thing but recognize while they are in the program that there are SO many different things that end up changing.

Here’s why that is. We often seek help to solve one problem, most of my clients simply want to accomplish a goal. But because we are complex beings that ONE thing spider webs out and affects any number of things in our lives. I’ll give you an example.

I had a client who came to me and wanted to start a business where she was selling her art. And while we did focus heavily on the logistics of beginning her business and getting her website off the ground we also deeply had to discuss her mindset and her belief in herself.

At then end of our time together we both noticed how much more confident she was and how that was impacting not only her work but also her interactions with her daughter and her dating life. Literally everything. It was really exciting to watch.


It’s 2 pm…and you’re exhausted

It’s 2 pm you’re exhausted from having to be on your kids about their schoolwork. You’re tired of fighting them and now you still have to do your own work.

Creativity 🤣🤣🤣 oh boy there’s just no way you think.

You JUST want to make a vanilla latte and binge some Netflix.

And you wonder if it’s ever going to get any easier.

You feel guilty for wanting to rush this time but you know if you could just get to the next level things would be easier.

You spend the next ten minutes fighting with yourself and then you get to work, latte in hand.

What if you could cut that fighting time down to 1-2 minutes?

(Ps that resistance is fairly normal – especially when you’re stressed.)

What would it mean to you if you could learn to work WITH your body and your season of life to get the absolute most out of every day without feeling as exhausted and burnt out?

Amber pushed me out of my comfort zone. She challenged me to learn how to say no. She also provided a much needed outside prospective to help guide me in my decisions great and small.

Antonia J.

Makeup Artist

This program is designed for the woman who is:

  • Tired of bouncing from thing to thing
  • Ready to stop second guessing every move she makes
  • Ready to not only find her joy but prioritize it
  • Exhausted from working her face off and feeling like nothing is happening
  • Continuously hitting a brick wall and just doesn’t know how to get around it
Working with Amber was a joy and I looked forward to each session. She taught me some easy, practical methods to help me change my mindset and thinking patterns in regards to working towards goals and believing in myself. My behavior has changed since working with Amber and I am now more confident and proactive! It was great having someone to bounce ideas off of and hash out questions and problems with-much better than trying to get my friends engaged in shop talk! Thank you Amber!

What to Expect

Someone who is there for you when you feel like watching the world burn

Someone to understand what’s happening underneath it all

A gentle yet firm nudge to get it together when you begin experiencing shiny object syndrome

Learning to believe, deeply, in yourself

Learning self love and self esteem in the way we all should have been taught as teens

A to do list that helps you prioritize what matters most

The return of that ever elusive creative flow


Energy and time to play with the kiddos


The return of date night!


Are you ready to change the story?

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Hey there! I’m Amber.

I’ve spent years trying to shift my mindset. I read books, watched ALL the webinars, and I’ve compiled quite the list of what worked and what hasn’t.

As women our brains just work differently.

And there’s nothing wrong with this. There is, however, a problem with the way self esteem and self love are taught – or not taught – in schools across the country. It leaves many of us thinking we are broken and need to change.

Let me just say this quite loudly for everyone to hear!


If you are a highly sensitive person like myself and so many others you can be made to feel as though you’re the problem and if you can’t just get over it and get on board you’re not worth trying to fix.

I want you to know that you are worth taking care of. And I will do every single thing in my power to make sure that you walk out of our sessions feeling empowered, loved, and ready to take on the world…in whatever form that takes for YOU.

This is about YOU and YOUR goals and what you want to achieve. Life is too damn short to keep doubting yourself.

It’s time you see yourself the way your kids see you. As the super hero to your own story.

Are you ready to change the story?
Coaching with Amber

Our coaching sessions will last approximately 60 min

We create a custom package based on your needs. 


Pricing starts at $75 per session


Additional support via voxer and slack available for an additional cost

Are you ready to change the story?

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