Find You Fall In Love

The noise from the outside world can be deafening. It’s hard to know which voice is yours and which is from the outside world. 

I grew up with deep scars on my face which would take me over 28 years to accept. It would take me that long to feel comfortable in my own skin let alone to say I loved myself. 

Body positivity is something that’s so important to me and something I feel everyone should have the privilege of experiencing. It’s time to dive in. It’s time to find the dirt road that will take you back home. Not the house you grew up in but the internal home. The one that even now you get occasional glimpses of and it feels so good but they only come when you let go and are deeply relaxed and not really paying attention. I’m going to help you build a home and a life down that road. A life you love and can be proud of.    

I’ve made it my mission to help you find yourself, fall in love with that woman, and truly begin to heal and to love who you are right now while you begin to shape the life you want to have. 

Hey there! I’m Amber and I’m the host of the podcast Find You Fall In Love.

I’m a life coach and my life’s mission is to help people like you find yourself, learn to love and believe in that person and find your bliss in this world.

One of the things that has helped me most is deep mindset work, meditation, and movement. With that in mind I’d love for you to join my free community on Facebook called Mindset, Movement, and Meditation. 

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